Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Review: Iron Man 3, The best Marvel(Avengers Phase) movie.

So now even Tony Stark goes for the swag Justin Bieber style

So finally we have our self obsessed, eccentric superhero in a movie that is not just explosions and crashes. Iron man 3 is a story about Tony Stark, not Iron Man. It is the best Marvel film that explores human emotions, with a right approach( of course after, The Amazing Spider-Man ). It is not about Tony Stark making out with news reporters, It is not about Tony Stark drinking and pissing in his iron suit, it is not even about Rhody being an asshole wherever he goes. This is the ultimate Iron Man movie. Brilliant performance by Robert Downey Jr., I am not going to appreciate Sir Ben Kingsley's performance and you will know it when you'll watch the movie or you can be a jerk and read my spoiler filled analysis of the movie in the next session.The first half is one of the best fiction I have encountered, but then comes the worst plot twist ever, the most meaningless fight ever and the most pointless villain ever. So for everyone who has not watched this movie, be assured that this is what you will get when you mix The Dark Knight Rises, Iron Man, and The Amazing Spider-man.

My rating: 3.5/5 

********************Spoilers Ahead********************
                            Detailed Analysis of the Movie 

Things that I liked in the movie: 

Action sequences were great, the best part being at the end, when Tony frequently changed his Iron suits, those sequences were easy to follow and thus had a great impact. The emotional side of Tony was also brilliantly presented, which we had not seen in any other Iron man movie. Tony actually cared about his partners or the people who had helped him or were close to him. The best scene for Robert Downey's acting was when he came out of the hospital after visiting his bodyguard, and then he threatened Mandarin and gave him an open challenge, that was the moment when you know that billionaires are assholes.
The name is Hole....... Ass-Hole!

This time they gave other characters much better role. The role of Rhody made us believe this time that he is a Colonel, and not just some 'Tony Stark's Ass Kisser'. Of course I loved all the technology stuff, those fucking awesome Iron suits with that fucking awesome Mark 47, coming with that fucking awesome mind controlled technology. Although it can be dangerous for your balls. The other thing that I liked was the partial political situation that is the quintessential part for any Iron Man story. 

In a Nutshell:
  • A story, a real story which has lots of it going together, so that you can engage yourself in the movie while your friends are eating your popcorn.
  • Witty and funny dialogues, perfected by as usual great Robert Downey.
  • A satisfying end. Yes, now you can easily fight with your friends on who ate the popcorn.
  • Beautiful Cinematography. You can actually forget that you have dropped your coke and you are completely wet down there.
  • Creative fight sequences, so that you may grab your balls until you feel it.

Things that pissed me off bad, very bad:

"Yeah! I changed your DNA, I replaced your beard with your pubic hair"
The Villain? Seriously? Is that how you portray a danger for the world? The movie started with a bang, a great plot, an even great Villain, with his pubic hair at the back of his head. A defeated protagonist. This all amounted to one of the best first halves I have ever seen. But then the worst plot twist of my life happened and suddenly I am forced to believe that the great Mandarin is not the Villain. All those political threats and horrifying videos were pointless. There is no teacher, no master, no psychopath, all  the events are just a part of a personal vendetta against a man who opted to sleep with a hot chick rather than spending his night with a lame, mad scientist? Is that it? Is that what a villain should be like?
"You don't know who I am, I am a pervert and a drunkard, You can see me coming, if you like it"

At first they were going along with a great theme, a revolution, a genius, powerful maniac who was going to teach the world some lesson. We were made to believe that Heath Ledger has come back and he is a little sane now (a little), and he is powerful too, very powerful with all the sources and equipments to shake the world, with his idea to improve the mankind in some sort of way. This is a villain, that is what we crave for. 

And then, there is no idea. Just a broken man getting his revenge, and inflicting the pain on the world just like that. Wants to kill the president, just like that. Fapping to Gwyneth Paltrow, just... like .... that? He is more like that disgusting Lizard and clueless Curt Connors from The Amazing Spider-man. Following a same ideology. At first, cure your illness, now cure everybody else and kill the man who attempts to stop you. When Killian was going to hang the president, he said that he wanted one good excuse to do that, and the oil spill controversy was his 'good excuse'. Are you kidding somebody? Is this a porn parody going over here? 

A villain is an antagonist who has some personal vendetta going on, or any particular motive so strong that no one can change it. But this villain has both. And that is actually annoying, the villain loses focus on his motives, and so there is actually no reason to fight whatsoever his happening. This was a genuine effort to bring some plot twist like the Dark Knight Rises, which failed and disappointed. At first you have some great motive, but now you have another reason. As far as I remember the only convincing villain in the superhero genre have been, The Joker, Doctor Octavius, Magneto, Ivan (and his bird), and Ra's Al Ghul. Only. This could have been a moment where we got another legendary villain (with a faint possibility of being better than the Joker) but no it isn't. Why? Because fuck story, that's why.

And nothing else against the movie, it was good and I liked it. Although there is some kind of possibility that he real Mandarin may be introduced in the next movie portrayed by the same actor, and the discussion can be seen here.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

A poem that I wrote, but I don't remember why

Although, I am not very good at poetry, but this poem is appreciated by everyone, they bring different meanings to this poem, and I love to hear so many different interpretations. I would appreciate it if you gave your own interpretation.
This is a metaphor overload, so don't complain if I can't tell you the exact meaning, sadly even I have forgot why I wrote this

Looking Deep Into the Mirror

Does anybody remember the fucking laughter?


There's a pain that I feel, when I look into the sea, and the screaming of waves that keep crashing.
 All the time they feel the pain, but they come back again,and they never look back at the wide sea.

On a tree in my yard, there's a songbird from past, it reminds me how much I have lost it.
And I hate my 2 eyes, they keep telling me lies, but I know sometimes lying is forgiving.

In my street there is a girl, who wants to wear the pearl, but you know waves can never kiss the sea-bed
There'll be shine in the gold, if the sun gets too cold, and the sunshine will get us to living.

She is strong cos there's an oak, that will get her through smoke, but what happens when it sheds its own leaves.
Then the songbird does fly, when she looks at the sky, and her conscience will try not to give in.

There's only one side of wall and the wings would one day fall, then the waters will give up all dreaming. 
The rose will surely bite, if her thorns stay alive, and the red wine will live upto reason.

There are voices I hear, birds are dying in my dreams, and my knees are too weak to help them.
When you hum by her tune and you look at the moon, you will find soon that this isn't the real thing.

My friends tell me that it is apparently derived from 'Stairway to Heaven', because of that fucking songbird, and a similar rhyme scheme, but let me assure you, I seriously don't know what this poem is about, and what Stairway is about. Most probably, this was about me wanting to do different things other than study, or me not wanting to take the blame for pissing everyone off. If you think I am faking it, then visit this link.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

8 photographs that inspired me to pick up the camera and how I took them

Iphones and Lumia 920 with their amazing cameras have got everyone try their hand in photography, and after some lucky shots they call themselves PHOTOGRAPHERS!!!. And we all know they are not, but after cursing them we take out our own camera and start clicking. I am like that, I think I stand somewhere as a good amateur photographer, and I can be an awesome artist if I practice harder and harder. Here are those photographs that led me into believing that I do have a potential. My photography style mainly consists of symbolism, with expressions and sometimes satire. Landscape photography, where I show some unseen places with different angles are also my subject. But right now I am trying to develop a technique for Vintage photography, because there are not many vintage photographers out there, I hope this technique will make me Unique, but that is when I develop the technique, so critique me as harsh as you can and do make me feel good.

1. First attempt at Satirical Metaphors

I just got the idea and set out with a white table, a wireless mouse, extra melted cheese and a torch. about 15 shots with different angles and torch effects helped me attain this. I wanted to give it a police search type effect so I put the torch just above the crime location, as if the mouse is stealing cheese.


2. First DOF play with darkness in background.

Diwali, the luminescence festival of India, comes once in a year, and what's better than taking out your camera and capture 'once in a year' moments? I experimented a lot and, I found that if focused at the nearest light source(very close) and a second light source a little away, with lowest ISO you can just eliminate anything in background. Actually there were a whole bunch of cracker addicted kids jumping in the background and I eliminated them, by chance.


3. First attempt at Symbolism.

So, one day My Uncle gave me a piece of paper and a pencil. And asked me to draw 'Relationships'. Okay So, he is very much involved in arts and stuffs and probably wanted me to be too. So I took out my camera, unchained this locket, and took a very simple and unintelligent photo. But this was appreciated by my Uncle, because he thinks that it represents how broken bonds are actually linked at the other side. Unusual philosophy, I didn't understand, but this surely motivated me to add symbolism to my catalog.
Apparent Broken Bonds

4. Application of Refractive Index

I finally got an opportunity to apply Ray optics in real life. So this thing is basically a RO water purifier, like like this thing over here. I found bubbles at the bottom and then some torch based play to get a sparkling angle, and got this. Although I admit, the background is a little dull.
aerosol .

5. Landscape photography

I actually don't appreciate Landscape Photography, because I believe, capturing what is already beautiful, is not a form of art. But there are some exceptions, many photographers Inspired me to take landscape shots a different way. This is the peak of Tiger Hill-Darjeeling, but I was looking for a spot where no tourists came, and I got this photo. I'll try Landscape sometime again.
Rest in Peace

6. Motion Photography and Editing

Take off
This picture is the result of about 6 shots, and I was glad to see the result. I was about 13 years old when I took this photo so, this was an achievement for me at that time, but the real gold came out when I edited this photo, although i don't like editing too much but here I lowered down saturation and some contrast too. I actually prefer the edited version. Also, this was a VGA Camera.
Take off b/w

7. Low ISO for B&W

I actually never knew that Low ISO for b/w photography is good, but I was really happy when I discovered that. Although I now know that it is a very common knowledge, but discovering it by myself, was an awesome idea. Combined with symbolism, this photo conveyed the idea of generation gap metaphorically, this photo shows two animals of same species, one who has got all the energy and other who has lost it all and is watching. I love grains, and noise.
Your time is up, my time is now.

8. WTF photography

I was not really sure what to submit as my entry in school photography competition, I asked my friend about many photos, so finally I lost all hope and submitted this photo with the caption 'Future'. Guess what, I was the runner-up. People can be fooled so easily.

I really hope one day I would become a professional photographer. You can tell me how awful I am.

Monday, 11 March 2013

5 things you won't ever achieve in your life

I am pretty much sure, no celebrity reads my blog. Actually no one reads my blog, but since I have been told by Robert Downey Jr. to do 'whatever the fuck' I want to do, I'll try my best to keep this blog going on.
So I have just given my Chemistry exam and now I have got no clue what to blog about. The exam was quite easy, but that made me look into the future I am heading towards. I though about every awesome thing that I am not going to achieve but I want it badly. Here are things you wont get in your life, no matter how hard you try, and congratulations if you do.

1. Play Guitar solos like Jimmy Page in front of thousands, or hundreds, or maybe even a dozen.

I'll try Guitar and Mudsharks!
Now you would start calling me Captain Obvious, but there are many aspiring guitarists (including myself) who want to be that famous and achieve that level of talent and guitar shredding power. The Best you can do is: Put your earphones on > Stand in front of Mirror > Stairway to heaven > And air guitar it by showing amazingly insane expressions.
So you play a Violin? Cool Jimmy doesn't

I have met many awesome guitar players, I meet one everyday(myself). And all those guitarists maybe able to play like Jimmy(If they sell their soul to devil), but they cannot invent something as awesome as that.
Because you know that you cannot invent a whole new style of playing guitar, you will not achieve this dream all of your life and if you can, I beg, please release your album. Please.

2. Own a Villa in Monaco

So That is Captain Obvious again. We all have visited Monaco in Madagascar 3, and some of the gamers have jumped through its roofs, but imagine, when you open your window, you see a beautiful scenery like this:
How good would it be to celebrate a dinner everynight this way.

But let me tell you, if you wish to live here, you see.... 52,353(USD)/sq. close your eyes and dream. A villa in Monaco. Open your eyes and back to work.

3. Get a job at Google X Labs

I thought a lot about this one, where it actually is located? Used GOOGLE to search for it but even Google has got no clue where its sibling is situated. As an aspiring engineer, I want to work in a firm where my innovative skills are tested and exploited. But If they make stuffs like I have been told, I am pretty much sure I wont ever get there. My theory on visualization of Google x labs goes something like this:        
If they don't make chemical X over there, I am not interested.
Forget whatever I said in last caption
What is a Blonde doing in a Lab?
This would be interesting

4. Write a powerful, culture changing blog like Huffington Post

Large amount of storage space is compensated and wasted for the millions of blogs being written, inactive or deleted on internet. All of them want their ideas and views to spread around the world. They want to get famous, I want to do that too. But blogging is defined in two eras, before huffington post and after huffington post. This blog had everything that revolutionized what we see today on internet. But simply put, another powerful blog is not going to come, no one got time for that, nobody pays attention to others material. So sadly, just keep on writing, no one is going to offer you $100 million for your blog.

5. Solve a Rubik's cube

This one is easy for many asians(under 8) and extra easy for asians(under 88). But if some of you non asians think you can do it, well here is something for you:

Z-Rox : Titties you mean?
solving a pentamix? Oh you mean watching porn
3D sudoku or Katy Perry's Tits that is the question

Sunday, 3 March 2013

IC life

So, my power changed back sometime ago and I stayed with my previous glasses for a long time. Today, I got my new glasses, and suddenly this world became beautiful. A lot beautiful. Everything makes sense now. Everything. My mom used to tell me that there is dust on my notebook. I finally saw the dust today and wiped it off. My room is not as clean as I previously thought it to be, there are crumpled papers and different ideas lying around here and there. Papers on which I wrote my dreams, planned out how I want my life to be, I see them now. They were stuck somewhere under my table. I thought they were lost, well now, I am cleaning my room. Then, I went ahead to see the outer world, and I was amazed to see different textures of leaves, trees have their inner beauty which I never saw earlier, but what I saw today was something different. Next to that tree, which might have been 90 years old or so, stood a man, very old man who was gazing at the tree. No, he wasn’t that old, but on his face were signs that told me he had a miserable life, and wanted to improve it. He feels that he is old, no he is not. There is still time to change the road he is on. Still…..

Then it dawned upon me. I picked up the dust layered book of physics. Wiped off the dust and started reading it, my mom thinks that I am preparing for physics exam…..No.

I opened the chapter where they told about chips and circuits. My teacher at my coaching institute told me that in a chip all the components have their own role, they have their own responsibility, and they keep the chip functioning till the current is drawn out of it. Its a very simple thing, but maybe I am looking too deep into it. I see this whole world as a big Integrated Chip. All the people are different elements that keep this big chip going on, forever and ever. No component of the chip is useless, every part has its own responsibility to carry out the work efficiently and smoothly. To maintain the balance, some people divert their current to others for sometime, but they surely will get it back and have their own time. I love my new glasses, they told me that this chip is beautiful.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Foam Cup analogy

 I was walking down the street. A bum, a fucking bum, came up and asked for money. He doesn’t do any job. Never tries to earn money. Just asks for money. Money. Money is what they want. They earn it, and remain happy. They can lick the ground if I gave them money. They aspire for things, never try to do them. Aspire. I love a girl, she aspires for something big. She reminds me of you. Her eyes. They have ambition, like you had. She lacks the will. She is a wasted human being. She is ruining her Life. She just sits there. And watches the fucking T.V.

She is like a soft drink cup, you get from McDonalds. A foam cup lying on road. A car comes and flattens the cup. The cup does nothing. Just sits there. Cannot hold a drink. Broken. Unproductive. Just takes up space. Pollute. It is a Garbage. Lying here and there. A garbage. It can run its mouth though. When you look at it. It tells you something. That it is a fucking cup. It cannot do a thing. Because it lacks one thing. A psych to win. Psychology. Psychiatrist are bums, they know the real problem. But offer a wrong solution. They teach us. They tell us not to quit. The tell us not to commit suicide. Not to kill ourselves.

People are Garbage. They walk and talk like Garbage. They are lying in Garbage. And they also know they are Garbage. So they want to kill themselves. Make up space for intelligence, which they don’t have. They go to a psychiatrist. And Psychiatrists are Garbage. They tell those people that even if they are Garbage, its Okay. They don’t promote intelligence. They tell them its okay to be a bum and they should not kill themselves. Its okay to be a Garbage, but don’t kill yourself.

Its okay? Is that it? No motivation for work. Is that what we have fallen to? Is it right thing to not follow our dreams? Is it right to stop following stars if we know we can’t catch them? That’s what they tell us.

Now the Foam cups. They go and do a job. A job in a company, they don’t give fucks about. And because of mercy of time. They get promoted. They get promoted for not quitting! For not dying! For not following their dreams! And some garbage cup tells them that they are not bum. That they are not just a foam cup. So their feelings change. And they feel happy about it, they are idiots. They might think good of them, but deep down inside they know they are garbage. A garbage foam cup.

And they decide to live that way. Their decision. Decision. Here’s how their decision are made.

An intelligent human shows up. He has a great idea in his mind. A revolutionary idea. Idea that will change the world, make it a better place. So he goes to a garbage cup. Tells him about the idea. Garbage cup knows it is a good idea. He fears the truth will come out. So he rejects the idea. Demotivates the intelligent human. And he does it publicly. People know that it is a good idea and they know it will change the world. But they are afraid that their truth will come out. So all the garbage cups tell the human that it is a bad idea. They berate his intelligence. They give him bad reasons, really bad reasons. The human accepts their decision. And now it is his decision. He knows he will fail so he lies down on road. A car comes up and flattens him. Congratulations! He is a garbage now. Intelligence has died away. People are happy in their world.

Remember that girl I love? I hate her. She is one of those cups. She has ambitions. A great idea. She can change the world. But some garbage told her to slow down. Someone told her that her intelligence was stupid. And she followed. She still wants to do those things but she knows she will fail. She lives her day like those cups. She isn’t living, she has already died. But I am living. You inspired me years ago. You told me how to fight. How to fight these garbage cups. I work hard everyday. Those garbage try to bring me down. I fight them. to kill ourselves.